Rules for ESCC MCC PACC competitions


Competition rules
The competition will be run on the first Tuesday of April.
There will be one grade.
Each club will submit 30 images.
No author can have no more than 4 images in the set of 30. 

Image specification rules
Image size: 1024 x 768 pixels
File size: Not greater than 1,000 KB
File formal: JPEG
Colour space: sRGB
File name format: Score sheet number-Club initials-Image title-Author
For example 27-ES-Great Photo-Joan Citizen
Camera Club initials should be ES = Eastern Suburbs; MC = Marion Church of Christ; PA = Port Adelaide

One month prior to the competition the hosting club shall send an invitation to the visiting clubs together with a copy of these rules (or web link to this page) and a copy of the Excel score sheet.

Two weeks before the competition, the visiting clubs shall return to the host club by email the Excel score sheet with "Image Name" and "Author Name" entered in the correct locations on the score sheet for all 30 images at least 2 weeks before the competition night. Download the Excel score sheet here.

At the same time, the visiting clubs shall supply their electronic images in accordance with the Image Specifications above via Dropbox or email or by hand delivery on storage media. The numeric prefix in the file name shall be as shown for that image on the score sheet.

Prior to the competition the hosting club shall check all image file names and if necessary request that non-complying names be corrected.

On the night of the competition, the host club shall arrange to have a computer system loaded with all images from the three clubs ready for projection.

The host club shall arrange for a judge. 
The host club shall print three sets of scoring sheets from the previously mentioned spreadsheet.
Each club shall appoint a scorer to record the score given for each image and record progressive totals.
The competition will be run without image titles.

The selection of a top image is optional. This is to be reviewed by both clubs and a rule set on the night. It is ESCC committee opinion the competition to be at the club level therefore the top image is not necessary. 

The host club shall not retain the other club's images on their computers hard drive or any other electronic storage device.